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My Photo Gallery

Dress Up Day At Ludington

Crazy Uncle Paul With The Girls

Sara Just Making Bubbles

Dress Up Days

The Reid Clan

At the Water Fun Park

Crazy Girls

More Crazy Girls

Summer Fires on The Beach

Kelsey & Aunt Pat

Libby & Grandma

Penny at the Farm

Kelsey & Sara going for a hayride

Grandpa & Sara

Libby Looking Cold & Hungry

Happy Group

Proud Grand parents

Looks Like Fun Sara

Go get them Kelsey

Santa Train

Look who's Here!

Halloween 2006 for Libby

Spring 2006

Nice Hit Sara!

She Scores!

Paint the Cottage

Libby is Happy...

Nice Hair

Nice summer dress

What do you want?

Sara and the gang going for a sunset cruise

Penny & Pat 4th of July weekend 2008, still in the jammies, and having fun.

Sara on Black Betty...ready to ride!

Kelsey on her bike ready to ride...

Sara shopping for supplies for the fire on the beach for tonights fireworks.

Empty the cart Sara, Kelsey is doing all of the work..

Kelsey & Sara night time fire on the beach ready for the fireworks. 7/04/08

Just having a great time and waiting for the fireworks.

This fire is hot.

Windy Day, and it's a little cool....

Penny & Her girl friends & kids vist us at the cottage

And all of the kids, at the pool having a great time...

And later we went to the ice cream factory....

And as the girls watched tv, Jack just loved everyone. Ok maybe he took a little time out with the pillow.

One of the girls climbed up with me. She was tired, and maybe a little scared.

Penny decided that she needed to take a picture of me and the boat. She loves a man in uniform...

Kelsey & Sara at Springhill summer camp.

Kelsey is going to camp for one week, and Sara is already missing her sissy.

I don't think that she is excided.....

Last hug and kiss goodby Sissy....

And there she goes. They have old fire trucks pick them up. Really cool...

Mom giving Kelsey a hug and kiss goodby.

Kelseys friend at summer camp, Hannah.

Sara and crazy uncle Paul at Pauls house on the river.

Pauls dogs in the river.

Sara getting some love....

Penny & Sara have decided to race gocarts...


Penny, Kelsey and Me decided we needed to experince a Ford Trimotor Airplane before it was gone.

Penny & Kelsey getting on....

There she goes...maybe I'm not sure about this....notice the nervous head scratch...haaaaa

You can tell Pennys nervous also, notice the big smile and the closed hands, legs crossed. Why did you talk me into this....Ahhhhhhhhhhh

The store is closed and the city is passing us by. But we are transported back in time.

Naaaah were not having any fun at all...

History plate for the plane.

I think that Jack hates the water.

The way that he sit's down in it and just watch's the waves and enjoys the water....

Playing on the beach with Sara...

Kelsey & Jack having fun...

Penny's taking pictures.

Taking pictures...

Sun going down in Manistee

Libby Lou Lou boating with uncle Bill 2007

This Popcicle is Yummmmmmmm

I'm just going to take a nap with my baby.....

Sure I'll smile mom......

I'm playing hid and seek....

Sara & Kelsey 2008 at the animal farm, getting pumpkins...

Hey mom look at us.....

Good Boy

Just going for a swim dad....

Hey let me have the ball kelsey.....

Murphy......Just wait until I get in the house, then I will pee.

Look at us...we are going canoeing with crazy uncle paul on the river....

Sara & Spencer Driving the SS Milwaukee

Sara Driving & Spencer giving the orders! All Hands on Deck!

Little Kids and there dreams.......wonder what there thinking?

Spencer had to write his name on the seiling at the NorthSide

Just watching movies with Sara....

More TV watching with the dogs.....

Work of art on the side walk...Happy 4th of July! Sara, Spencer & Kelsey

Sunsets are terrible in Manistee......

Ken & Pat and smiles.....

And just add water, digging, kids....

Sara can't stand it...we are almost to camp!

I am driving everyone nuts.....Camp!

We are here! Kelsey, Sara & McKenna

We are all getting on the Fire Truck to ride to the dorms.

All Aboard!

Bye Mom! See you next week!

I don't care how heavey this bag is. I'm here! Ready for my adventure!

Me and dad are making the bed.

McKenna is below me amking her bed too!

Sara & McKenna are best friends at summer camp.

Sara & McKenna in front of there dorm, ready for adventures!

Last hugs goodbuy Dad. Now leave!

Last hugs goodbuy Mom! Love you.....

Kelsey at here dorm, ready for her adventure!

I'm in the Cliff, on a

The Staff & Kelsey

Penny on the Zip line waiting. She is the third one from the left.

Screeming all the way!

We have reached the end and the brakes are being put on.

I want to go again!

Nah...I didn't have any fun...

Mckennas Dad, Mark Burns went also, and screamed like a little girl all the way down....Notice the two hands on the strap. We had to peel them off.

The two adventures. God this gear is really pintching....

Jack & Gus sleeping....Say isn't this a dog bed?

Sara & Gus sleeping....First night back from camp...Sara is really tired.

Jeff is on the fence. Just getting a snack, say anybody got a Marlboro?

The Christmas Tree being pulled down main st Manistee.

Cold and lots of snow

Penny and Sara at a wild game of cards...

Sara & Spencer full of it.

Gus was so glad to see the kids......

Sure kids lets play with the sick morning dove and see what kind of disease we can get.

Spence says,"hey lets put it on the grill and eat it"....

Ready dad I'm not touching it......your so busted with this picture.

Lets see Kelsey has the pink sweatshit on....Hummmmm

I'm so not touching it.....

Tubbing on the Lake...Looking good spencer!

Sara is having fun in the calm water, just day dreaming....look at me dad I forgot to take out my hair bow.

Spencers turn, not quite sure about this......

Ok this is working, now if I could just get Kelsey to frame the picture.....

Some crazy driver on the boat.

Tribal Police boat. It has 3- 250 hp engines on it. I do beleive that it get up and goes.....

Decided to go out onto Lake Michigan, nice day calm, hot....Sara looks ready to go. Ran 6 miles down the coast.

Not having any fun here dad....

Sara's brother from another mother is driving Sara on Lake Michigan, and Kelsey is picking her nose.....

Spencer is worried about some waves coming.....Kelsey and Sara don't care.

Wowwwwww who's rocking the boat?

Sara wants to drive home...

They are having way to much fun...

Kelsey is taking pictures of flowers in the yard.

More flower pictures

Spencer, Sara, Brice, Lauren

Kelsey posing, looking way to old....

Sara acting crazy in the car on the way to the river..

Kelsey you cut off Lauren's head in this picture.

Sara playing hockey!

She really loves hockey!

Penny's grannies pennie bushes, transplanted from 3 differnt houses. Hardy little devils....

Up close, look great honey.

Nature has a way of showing off her stuff, and she sure is pretty.





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